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Your hot air balloon experience starts early, so you can see the day unfold over the Mara. You'll be picked in a custom safari jeep around 5 am and land at your dispatch site an hour later. The scene here is energizing as you take in the ground team with planes of tourists into the balloon to give it lift. Cups of blistering Kenyan espresso or tea are served to avert the morning chill.
Masai Mara Flaying Safaris

Hot Air Balloon Flying package in Maasai Mara.

When you think Africa is shocking on the ground, hold up until you see its savannah, waterways, and backwood s from above. Nothing looks at to looking down on a great trail of wildebeests moving over the fields. Or then again a lion, cheetah or hyena prowling in the grass. You move your look somewhat to take in another direction where you recognize a group of elephants ambling toward a shining lake.