Here are the best game stops in Kenya for a better camping experience. See Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Pink flamingos at Lake Nakuru, and the yearly wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara.

Day 1: Trip from Nairobi to Tsavo West

The safari begins with a get from Nairobi at 0700 hrs and continues to West National Park. Visit the Chyulu Hills and the Mzima Springs, which are most loved frequents of both the hippo and crocodile that can be seen from a submerged perception chamber. Supper and medium-term at the Chyulu entryway camp

Day 2: Tsavo West National park

Entire Day spent investigating the recreation centre. Morning and evening game drives are advertised. Supper and medium-term remain at Chyulu entryway

This Park was acclaimed for its vast crowds of elephant canvassed in red residue and an excellent view. We visit the beautiful Lugards Falls, Mudanda Rocks (pulls in elephants in the drier season) and Aruba Dam

Day 3: Drive from Tsavo West to Amboseli National Park

Morning game drives at that point continue to Amboseli National park we see the game reserve as we continue towards the camp for supper and medium-term. Amboseli Park (at 392 sq km) is the second most famous park in Kenya after Masai Mara, basically because of the impressive scenery of Mt. Kilimanjaro on the southern side.

Day 4 : Amboseli National park

Today you will spend the entire day in Amboseli with early morning and night game drives. While in the recreation centre, you will have the chance to photograph the creatures against the magnificent background of Mount Kilimanjaro. All suppers and medium-term at a camp

Amboseli National park is one of the most famous untamed life havens in Kenya. It is arranged near Kenya. It is arranged near the Kenya-Tanzania fringe. The Park lies at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the most noteworthy mountain in Africa (5,896m) whose snow-topped summit shows an impressive view on sunny mornings. Amboseli National Park is frequently alluded to as “The home of Elephants’ probably the biggest Elephant crowds are found here. The Game Park likewise contains huge gatherings of Zebras, Wildebeests, Giraffes, Buffalos, Hippos and Antelopes. Additionally, to be found in Amboseli are lions, panthers, Cheetahs, Rhinos and numerous types of plain game.

Day 5: Drive from Amboseli to Mt.Kenya national reserve.

Early morning flight and continue to inclines of Africa’s second-biggest mountain at 5199m – Mt Kenya. Evening game drives at Sweetwater’s farm to see the untamed life including restored chimpanzees. We go through the night at camp

The private farm at Sweetwater’s is the main haven for restoration in Kenya of these broad chimpanzees with two gatherings living in a situation as near their standard living space as could be allowed. The site is additionally a devoted dark rhino reproducing region.

Day 6: Drive from Mt. Kenya to Samburu Game Reserve

Leave the camps for Samburu not long after breakfast game is seen as we continue to the campground for lunch. We camp in the thin stretch of palms and forest by the Ewaso Nyiro River which gives water to the creatures and some alleviation from the tropical sun.

Day 7: Samburu Game Reserve

The whole day spent investigating the recreation centre – morning and evening game drives are advertised. Supper and medium-term at a camp

The features of Samburu game hold is the impressive beautiful excellence, waterways and woods. It is a region where nearby individuals have a vibrant and beautiful legacy. The stores have various changeless springs and an abundance of untamed life which incorporates panther, hippo, elephant, lion, reticulated giraffe, grevy’s zebra and crocodile in the Ewaso Nyiro River. More than 365 types of winged creatures have been recognized in the havens

Day 8: Drive from Samburu to Lake Nakuru National park.

We break the camp not long after break quick and continue to Lake Nakuru National park. Game is seen as we leave the recreation centre. Lunch en-route followed by an evening game drives as the pick lake. Supper and medium-term at Lake Nakuru camp/camp

Lake Nakuru is a shallow antacid lake on the edges of Nakuru town and untruths a separation of 160 kilometres from Nairobi. The lake is world well known as home to a large number of flamingoes. The quantity of flamingoes relies upon the water level which decides the amount of green growth on which the fowls feed. Flamingoes are known to move to other Rift Valley lakes at whatever point the water level is low.

The National Park encompasses the lake and was gazetted to ensure flamingoes are just like any other imperilled species, for example, the rhino. There are around 25 white and dark rhinos, perhaps the most significant focus in the nation. Predators are additionally inhabitants to this park while Rothschild’s giraffe have been trans-situated into the recreation center for wellbeing

Day 9: Road trip from Lake Nakuru to Maasai Mara

We break the camp not long after breakfast and travel south through the vast savannahs and fields of the Rift Valley and arrive at our base campground, where we appreciate another night out shrub under the sweeping African sky. Game is seen as we continue to our campsite for Dinner and medium-term remain at camp

Day 10/11: Maasai Mara national park

Go through the following two days on game drives investigating the Masai Mara. The open fields are home to unfathomably rich and shifted natural life and the marvellous, yearly relocation of a great many wildebeest and pronghorn is the feature of any visit to Africa from July to October. Supper and medium-term remain at Mara camp

The Maasai Mara Game Reserve is ostensibly Kenya’s most famous game asylum. It is the most well known and most visited game save in Kenya. The film ‘Out of Africa’ was made right now. Each kind of untamed life can be seen at the Mara.

A scene worth seeing is the yearly relocation of a huge number of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle from Serengeti fields over the Tanzania fringe and the Mara River to reach Maasai Mara munching fields from late June. The emotional intersection of the waterway and the going after the transients by predators can be seen from early July to August. The hold flourishes with birdlife since portion to around 452 species have been recorded. Tourist balloon safaris are promptly accessible right now

Day 12: Drive from Maasai Mara to Nairobi

Morning game drives at that point continue to Nairobi to land by 1600 hrs where the safari closes.

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