When you think Africa is shocking on the ground, hold up until you see its savannahs, waterways, and backwoods from above. Nothing looks at to looking down on a great trail of wildebeests moving over the fields. Or then again a lion, cheetah or hyena prowling in the grass. You move your look somewhat to take in another direction where you recognize a group of elephants ambling toward a shining lake.

At around 5:00 am, we will gather you from your safari hold up/rose camp in one of their custom safari jeeps, for a drive to the tourist balloon launch.

Land at the dispatch site by 6 AM, here you can watch the balloon being set up for take-off as you appreciate some Kenyan tea or espresso.

Hot Air Balloon Flying Safaris
Enjoy the morning sights from a flying balloon. Amazing views of the wild beasts and wildlife in Maasai Mara

Your hot air balloon pilot will meanwhile give you wellbeing instructions just as clarify your desires during the flight. At the Launch, site-there are central latrine offices accessible.

Just before dawn, at roughly 6:30 AM, you will board the balloon.

The flight keeps going around one hour and this likewise relies upon windy conditions. Landing is around 7:30 and 7:45 AM.

After landing, and as a major aspect of this one of a kind experience, you may watch the total collapse of the large balloon.

You will at that point be moved to a spot for your morning meal.

Breakfast is generally set up on the savannah fields of the Masai Mara, customarily under the shade of a forlorn acacia tree.

Breakfast is an encounter to recollect full and Kenyan style, total with new squeezes, eggs,  and, obviously, champagne.

Your safari driver/control will pick you from the morning meal area to continue on your entire day or half-day game drive.

Hot Air Balloon Flying Safaris

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