The amazing snow-topped pinnacles of Mt. Kenya lure explorers travellers over and beyond East Africa. You may have wondered about them out there on your excursions in Kenya. These tallest mountains in Africa address a definitive guide for experience.

At Dil Adventure, we are your go-to travel agency in Kenya for these rare trekking undertakings. Our numerous long periods of sorting out adventurous mountain endeavors are exciting, fun and in particular, safe occasion.

Climbing Mount Kenya

Mt. Kenya – We offer a few courses to raise incredible Mt. Kenya’s top at 4,985 m (16,355 ft.). Look over 5 or 6-day trips climbing through picturesque valleys, good country woods and thick bamboo forests. En route, you’ll be remaining at advantageous mountain cottages.

At that point, for your last push to the highest Peak Lenana, you’ll emerge for an early morning trek. The perfect, high-elevation air will manage the cost of perspectives on the stars phenomenal anyplace on earth!

You’ll land at the pinnacle of this most elevated mountain in Kenya to observe African dawn illuminating the mainland. You may even observe Mt. Kilimanjaro off seemingly within easy reach. This is a minute few have encountered your photographs yet will demonstrate you were there.

Treks start and end in Nairobi.

Climbing Mount Kenya
Climbing Mount Kenya

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