Mt. Kilimanjaro – The most noteworthy mountain in Africa. The most noteworthy unattached mountain on earth. Kilimanjaro is acclaimed for its blending grandness and physical difficulties. Besting out at 5896 m (19,343 ft.) this torpid spring of gushing lava ascends from the farmlands in Tanzania and coaxes swashbucklers all through the world to scale its three marvellous towers.

There, you may appreciate fabulous perspectives on the savannah beneath, however more critically, you’ll have accomplished something of extraordinary individual fulfilment. What’s more, remember – you are currently an individual from the first-class club of common travellers.

Kilimanjaro treks start and end in either Nairobi or Mombasa

Let Natural World Kenya Safaris help make this experience for you.

What’s Included On a Mountain Trekking Tour?

We’ve included all that you’ll requirement for an effective summit in our excursion bundle:

Transportation to the mountain


Park expenses

Camping in mountain hovels or outdoors

Day Trip Climbing Mount Kenya

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