Sagana Gateway Resort is a serene place for a day trip in Kenya, it is located in County near Makuyu. It has excellent facilities for visitors such as Swimming pools, free Wi-Fi, Tea making facilities recreational facilities such as large TV screens. Meals at Sagana are well prepared and car parking is well taken care of. This destination is suitable for Couples and the guest rooms are very standard for any nature of visitors. Anytime you plan a trip to Sagana always consider Diladventures Number one tour agency in Kenya.

Things to do in Sagana Resort.

For this scenic destination in Kenya, we will live Nairobi early in the morning and drive on the Super Highway. Through this trip, you will enjoy great views of top sceneries in Central Kenya, enjoy a nature walk, and exotic viewpoints of rapid falls.

Boat riding & Water Rafting in Sagana

Sagana Getaway Day Trip
One of the best hotels in Sagana and Greater Central Region

Water rafting is one of the top activities to do in the white waters of its rivers. While rafting, you will enjoy a view of great sceneries, wildlife, and impressive birdlife.

Some of the animals you will see include bushbucks, elephants, baboons, giraffes, and others.

Bunjee jumping in Sagana

If you enjoy an amazing adrenaline rush, there is no doubt about bungee jumping in Sagana. You will be suspended and dive from a 60m tall structure. What is even more exhilarating is the rebound from the jump. If you are looking for an extraordinary getaway, then choose our Sagana getaway package.

What our package includes;

We will pick you and drop you off within Nairobi

Transport with our tour vans (open roof)

Driver and van expenses.

Sagana Getaway Day Trip
Diani Honeymoon Package

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